Thursday, June 19, 2008

Six Referrals Today!

After what seemed like a long dry spell of no new referrals, CHI finally came through for 4 families/ 6 children. We are so happy for all of you and cant wait for court dates and pics. That should move us up to maybe #66 on the list now. However, this still doesnt seem to make up for all the devestation in Ethiopia today. There are so many children dying there (and their families) due to drought and near famine conditions. Check out this site to see how our children are having to live:


Teresa said...

I am thrilled for the happy families today that got to see their child for the first time.

The link that you shared shows the desperation of the country right now. We need to continue to pray for the people of Ethiopia.

LaLa said...

Hey..I ran across your blog from someone else's but can't remember who? Anyway, we are a CHI family too (China, 2005) and live in TN : ) Oh, and we have a daughter named Annslee!!

Hubbards said...

Thanks so much for posting on our blog. I am falling in love with CHI so much more friendly than our other agency! Our oldest daughter is wanting to be a nurse in the NICU. She was a bit early and has become quite interested in working with the little ones. She graduated from HS with her CNA and is now working in a nursing home awaiting the beginning of college. I am excited to follow your journey and to get to know you better.

Tina, KCMO

Sean and Rachel: Bringing our Babies Home said...

Your blog is great! You guys really did a good job:) No referral yet for us, I know the sibling wait is usually longer...thanks for asking though!