Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 Months Old Today!

Today, our baby is 6 months old! Oh how I wish I had her here with us. In reality, we may not have her until July. I apologize for those who read along and arent familiar with the adoption process. We are not allowed to post pictures of her until it passes court in Ethiopia. After that, she is legally ours and you better believe you will see her sweet face right here! Unfortunately, it takes several months to get this accomplished, so again we play a waiting game. But, at least during this wait we have a picture to look at. Once court passes, we travel to bring her home within another 2 weeks to a month.


Missy said...

Hope you hear about a court date really soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Joy Gallagher and we have adopted two beautiful girls from Ethiopia. We live in Murfreesboro! Our daughters have been home one year now and they are doing so well. They are older ages 10 and 7. If you ever have any questions or are interested in getting together just call. We are in the phone book.
Blessings to you and your family,
Larry and Joy Gallagher

Amanda said...

I hope you get a super speedy court date! you know, out little ones are about the same age! Oour baby will be 6 months next week!!

Troy said...

Congrats on your referral! We live in Mboro as well and are adopting from Ethiopia as well! Our boy turned 6 months on Easter :). We're using All God's Children.

We have a court date on May 20th and are praying we travel in June. Hopefully our kiddos can have some play dates in the near future :)

Troy said...

absolutely ... give us a couple weeks ... we're trying to get 101 projects done at the house and we have a hard date to get those done as we're getting new carpet installed :)

Let's keep in touch and try to meet up for coffee or something soon.

Benton Family said...

It is wonderful to know that you are soon to get your precious little girl...I know it has been a long journey for you! God is so faithful...and your reward for your faith is soon to come!

Looking forward to seeing her sweet face!