Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mike Lewis, better known as The Jesus Painter came to our church today and what we saw him do was truly moving. It is as if Jesus uses Mikes hands arms and fingers to move them in such a way to give us a glimpse of Jesus in a portrait. He has worked with Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith and at the Dove awards. What a blessing for him to visit our church , and he will visit yours too. Just go to and have your church book him. He will paint the most amazing portraits of Jesus in about 10 miin using big paint brushes and coarse strokes. He splatters red paint at the portrait to put the blood of Jesus on it. It is something you have got to see and if you go to you can watch videos of it. His paintings are also for sale. Take a moment to check this out. God definitely is using this young mans talent to convey messages and meaning. It left the entire congregation speechless.


The Williams Family Blog said...

that's pretty awesome!!

are you guys going to be around at thanksgiving? we are probably going down to nashville the week before to a Youth Leaders conference and then stay through Thanksgiving, so it would be awesome to meet you guys!