Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Journey To Ethiopia Day 9 - Sunday

Annsliegh meets her NeNe!

Annsleigh meets her Pa!

Annsleigh meets her ciocia Terri! (thats Polish for aunt/I grew up with that one!)

Annsleigh meets her cousin Jon-Thomas!

Annsleigh meets her cousin Jacob!

At about 1AM we got into Dubai and we are to get another hotel stay for some sleep....and this time the Dubai airport was very very busy...and we had to get a transit visa for Annsleigh...this was very confusing for us at the airport...go to one desk...he says go here and there.....we go here and there....and that guy doesnt know why we are at his we go back and forth....stand in a long line for them to scan Annsleighs to the front of that line and he didnt know why I was there...they dont do that on babies....well....I just about had enough at that point....and I learned something about myself that I just never ever knew after 46 years.....when I am beyond exhausted....I there I was in the middle of the Dubai airport just crying and balling ...... walking in circles going here and there!...I just wanted to blink my eyes and I us be HOME!!!!!poor Brad....trying to put up with me....but finally we got it to the hotel, took hot showers and took a 5 hour nap..left for the airport by 7AM and the 16 hour flight began....It was quite interesting....Annsleigh cried EVERY time I left her to go to the bathroom. She cried ANY time Brad held her. I had to hold her the entire time. We had a the way....dont ever let your travel agent talk you out of bulkhead seats at least on Emirates. The bassinet is wonderful if you can get your baby up in there asleep...but....make sure your TV screen is pulled up and out before she sets it up or you will not be able to see your own screen. Such as the case with me....the bassinet is in the way of getting your own screen up....but most of the time watching anything was out of the question for me anyway. Annsleigh fought sleep most of the way...she was hyper....hyper ...hyper...what a handful!!!! Finally she fell asleep over Canada somewhere and she really never woke up until we got to Houston....She fell asleep again and woke up in Nashville and it was just beyond words to describe how well she instantly took to the whole family. and them to her...the pictures say it all!


Missy said...

More great practical advice!! Thanks!