Friday, October 9, 2009

Home coming on Sunday at the airport

Asleep at last in the bassinet on the plane

Annsleigh meets her Uncle Chris

Annsleigh meets big brother Bradley

Bradley truly adores his sister and is very very protective of her. He cries if she falls down like all babies do. This is one happy boy! He helps change her diapers and helps sing her to sleep and rubs her back with me when we lay her down. He could not be a better big brother. He is such a big help and everyone is adjusting fabulously!


Courtney said...

i've enjoyed hearing about your wild yet wonderfully blessed trip! annsleigh is a beauty. i know y'all are so happy to be home and transitioning.

after reading your post- iwondered if our paths had ever crossed before CHI and Ethiopian adoption... we are from the same area and i've had 2 NICU babies. both of which you'd never in a million years know now.anyways, random thought.

maybe when we bring our bristol home we can meet:)

Jodi said...

Precious. She is truly a blessing and the cutest little princess ever! Congratulations.

elisa said...

Thanks again for blogging your journey! I'm so glad to read all about it and to see that you all are finally a family of four!