Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Journey To Ethiopia Day 7 - Part 4

After a little while in the van all of us took a vote on if we wanted to stop & eat. One of the guys was starving so we stopped at a really nice restaurant to grab a bite to eat. It took a very long time for our food and all we all ordered was soup and sandwiches. So that put us even later at getting back to the HOH. We ate & went on. After a while Tesfu's cell phone rang & he handed it to Brad. Brad couldnt understand & hear what was being said so he handed it to me. All I got was "Tihune's mother is...." so we gave the phone back to Tesfu & he told us that Tihunes mother will be at the HOH tomorrow 8AM. WE said OK....although we thought that was strange. Birth parents at the HOH? So they get to go there? Do they EVER? What if she saw Annsleigh?(Tihune)? We found out that the sick birth mother in the hospital had recent contact with her 2 girls who were being adopted in our group. WHAT?!? Didnt know birth families went to the HOH or even knew where it was. Didnt like hearing this....thought about it long enough to get another call on Tesfus cell & we were told Tihunes mother there now! What? Ok....but is she at the HOH NOW? All I can think is what if she sees Annsleigh? All this confusion! Its is getting late and there is lots of traffic on the roads now....dusk. Other folks in the van were mentioning they were missing their already prepared and paid for suppers at the HOH and Ethiopian Guest mind wandered when the van pulls over in the middle of nowhere.....Why? Someone says "Its Tihunes mother!" WHAT?!? WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?....and.....sure enough Brad & I get out of the van to meet this very pretty well kept small framed woman & her 3 year old daughter....I was in shock and fumbled to find my list of questions for the birth mother that I had prepared hours & hours earlier. And I had to ask someone in the van for a there....on the side of a very busy road on the edge of the town of Addis....van door wide open with engine running....& beggars coming around we proceed to interview Annsleighs birth mother....not at all the way I expected her interview to go. It sure took away all the emotion I was afraid I would show when talking with her. We hugged her, learned some things we can share with Annsleigh like she has 4 sisters, one of whom we met....precious 3 year old. She did allow a picture of her and the 3 year old with us on the side of the road...WOW! We got back in the van & on & on to Addis. We got back to the HOH when it was dark out. We picked up Annsleigh and Tsegay handed us her ticket to ride! .....her birthcertificate & passport! Be sure NOT to open this brown envelope....only airport immigrations in America open it...I also asked Tsegay why we never saw the orphanage & he said they were in the process of moving....and this was what they thought was best... maybe so...but they could have told us. Anyway, we got back to the Melkam & shared our Fig Newtons and Raman noodles with the Rahals since they missed their supper at the HOH tonight. We also heard back from our travel agent....we go home tomorrow! YAY!!!! We all slept very good that night. I guess we finally adjusted to the time change and all just in time to head home....but we are very ready for home....end of day 7!


Missy said...

This is SO crazy!! This totally helps me to be prepared to just "go with the flow"....