Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Granny "Fish"

Annsleigh's great granny has gone to be with the Lord today. She will be missed terribly, yet she lived a long and very full life. We were blessed with her presence in our lives. She was the best mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother. She has taught us all the value of family and traditions and she is now where we all hope to be someday. I only wish Annsleigh could have met her. However, great granny already finished knitting a precious blanket for Annsleigh. One day, I will post a picture of Annsleigh cuddled up in it, as if to hug her great granny. Please pray for great Pa as he will be lost without her. They were married over 65 years. By the way, they are great Granny and great Pa "Fish" because they own the Nutcave Trout Farm in Wartrace, TN. And the restaurant there is called "Granny Fish's". They have the best fried trout and endless hushpuppies ever.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 months Waiting!

We have reached the 12 week mark in waiting for Annsleigh. I've got to admit that it has not gone by that fast. With no new referrals all month, it has really actually made me focus on it even more. We have also been very worried about Granny "Fish", Annsleighs great granny. She has been in the hospital for about 6 weeks now with many complications following a kidney infection. She is not expected to recover. So, we have been kind of down around here lately. That with the long absence of referrals has kind of made for a long long month. I have cleaned out Annsleighs closet, but havent been able to work on her room much other than that. Maybe I am also bummed because I was supposed to announce that I lost maybe 8 pounds in the last month, and instead must admit I really have lost nothing:( But, I am still exercising. Maybe its all that muscle I am building up, and not the spoonfuls of peanutbutter Ive been eating as my comfort food! Come on month 4!!!! Come on referrals!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Baby's First Day of Kindergarten

Seems like he was just in diapers and learning to walk. Now look at him. This is a bittersweet day. He is such a big boy now, going to school. And I do want to see him grow up, just not this quickly! And I didnt even cry today. He didnt either. In fact, he didnt really seem to miss us at all. That made it much easier. It was only a 3 hour day. And, lets see, in that three hours, they had recess and lunch..... hhhmmmmm. He did say that all he did was play. I guess that would be about right! And, by the way, he is growing his hair out, or else we would have a new school hair cut. And.... he picked out his clothes.... No striped button shirts for this boy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Seven years ago I married the love of my life. We met on the internet in a chat room. Imagine that. Soon after we met, we got married, and here we are now 7 years together. And, we have the most beautiful little boy in the world, Bradley. We have had many many failed pregnancies to try to have Bradley a sibling. I was completely happy with where we were and what we had, or at least I thought I was. I was fooling myself. I had a change of heart sometime last year. I no longer felt that I was the one needing to carry the pregnancy in order to have our child. The Lord opened my heart up to adoption and here we are. I've got to say the I married my best friend, my soulmate and Brad and I are so looking forward to bringing our little girl home. We celebrated our anniversary by having dinner and a movie; thanks Rich and Cindy for keeping Bradley for us! We had a great quiet evening together.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Things First

Before we went any further with Annsleighs room, I really needed to finish Bradleys room. We have been in our home for over 2 years now, so I really think it was time to get his room together. So, here it is. Bradleys Batman bedroom! It was fun to do and he loves it. It has helped getting him to sleep in his own bed. Now, on to cleaning out what is to be Annsleigh's closet!