Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Baby's First Day of Kindergarten

Seems like he was just in diapers and learning to walk. Now look at him. This is a bittersweet day. He is such a big boy now, going to school. And I do want to see him grow up, just not this quickly! And I didnt even cry today. He didnt either. In fact, he didnt really seem to miss us at all. That made it much easier. It was only a 3 hour day. And, lets see, in that three hours, they had recess and lunch..... hhhmmmmm. He did say that all he did was play. I guess that would be about right! And, by the way, he is growing his hair out, or else we would have a new school hair cut. And.... he picked out his clothes.... No striped button shirts for this boy!


Erin and Keith Sager said...

to cute, what a big boy!!!!

Jodi said...

Oh - he is so grown up! Now let's hear about a referral! I keep hoping they will speed up again - for all of you waiting families.

Teresa said...

That first day of school is so hard! (for mom) :) He looks so cute!

Next week I will send 2 of my babies off to 1st grade and Kindergarten....let the tears start flowing now!

I agree with Jodi...let's see some referrals!

Justine said...

Wow - this is a big day! My guy starts first grade next week and that makes me weepy too. Not sure if it gets easier.

Stefany said...

So cute!!!! I LOVE first day of school pictures!!!! Just think, one day we'll be taking "first day of school pictures" for our new little ones! :) Bring on the referrals!!! :)