Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Mellow Mushroom B-day for Bradley!!!!

Like always, we let the birthday person pick out what restraunt we eat at. Well, our baby turned 5 yesterday (waaaa :'( ) and he chose The Mellow Mushroom. This place is so much fun not only because you get the best pizza and huge delicious calzones, but you get to eat it in a psychadelic old bus sitting in the middle of the restraunt. Well, kids love it! He was going full force from the get go. He had a ball. And by the way, he has the cutest smile, but for the camera, he always does his fake smile.
Here we are eating on the bus! Yummmmm!
We went back to the house for cake and presents. He had a wrestling cake. Bradley LOVES to watch wrestling!

This is Bradleys cousins Jacob and Jon-Thomas. He loves them so much!

Then, his big present was his very first mini-strat guitar. Man, he loves it and strums on it all the time! I think he looks so cute with it. Anyone like any autographs from him now, so you dont have to fight the crowds when he is the next 'rock of love'?


angie said...

what a cutie :)

happy birthday bradley!

LISA said...

Happy Birthday Bradley!!!
I don't know if i can watch anymore Rock Of Love!! I've watched reruns of reruns of reruns.1st and 2nd!!

The Parsons Flock said...

How fun! I wanna eat pizza in a psychadelic old bus in the middle of a restraunt too!!

Misty said...

Oh my goodness. That is too stinkin cute! I love the guitar which looks about twice his size! Looks fun~

losiloni said...

Your local Mellow Mushroom is way cooler than ours. I would eat in that bus every chance I got!

Kevin & Laura said...

That guitar is so cute! Birthdays are great!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Looks like a fun party! I am so jazzed you put us under "TN families" - only 1 more month, we can't wait! FYI- the boys are from Russia and Kazakhstan. :)

Have a great weekend!


Marvin and Marissa Voke said...

Hi there!

thanks for stopping by my blog. max was 5 on April they're almost b-day twins! I see you like going to Gatlinburg. We have a condo there and are going to be there the end of May. e-mail me sometime!


Annie said...

He is such a cutie and yes, I'd love his autograph!!!

Happy Birthday, Bradley!

Jodi said...

Happy 5th birthday! What a fun party place. He is a cutie!