Monday, July 13, 2009

She is NOT OURS again!

UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! JUST GOT A CALL FROM THE AGENCY THAT ANNSLEIGH IS NOT OURS (once again). The judge all of a sudden had a memory lapse and did not remember the birth mother showing up back on June 5! So, the birth mother has to make the emotional journey once again to show up in court on Aug 10 and go thru this AGAIN!!!!! This is torture. Just pure ridiculous torture. Like waving candy in a childs face, handing it to him and then snatching it away. It is awful that you literally cannot enjoy the adoption process towards the bitter end. "They" toy with your emotions as often as the wind changes. Outrageous. The agency said to keep pictures up that are out there, but dont post no more. Whatever!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Little One Is What Kept Us Going

Introducing Our Daughter Annsleigh Lynn Tihune Hoagland!

God plans adoptions from Heaven,

and He searches the see,

for people who long to be parents,

people like Daddy and me.

Then, in his own time, he answers,

the prayer thry've been praying so long,

and he finds a child who is waiting,

to fill their lives with a song!

You are THE child who we prayed for,

so special, so precious, so sweet!

The one who we'll cherish forever,

the one who makes our life complete!