Thursday, June 4, 2009


I cannot believe I can finally post this. TOMORROW IS OUR COURT DAY!!!!! Can you tell I am excited, yet nervous and anxious. We got more pictures of our sweet girl yesterday from 2 couples that travelled and returned home with their little ones. Thank you to the Thorntons and the Heads. They told us a little about our angel. She is sitting up now, and has a very strong grip. She wouldnt let go of Stefany's hand. They also said she has chubby cheeks and puckered up butterfly lips. I cannot wait to hold her and kiss her. She is one to not smile for the camera much. And this go around, she just looks so sad. It breaks my heart. She just needs to come home. Although, she did crack a smile only after the camera was put away, either Stefany or Sherry said. I cannot wait until she smiles for us all the time. She is also wearing the same outfit she had on 1 month ago and is still playing with the same toy. Needless to say, we are planning on taking a care package to the HOH full of infant toys. Toys that these babies in cribs can get stimulated with. Colorful toys that rattle that can be chewed on and cleaned. These last set of pictures has meant so much to me, and it has just enforced in my heart that court just has to pass tomorrow. Please please please pray for this for us tonight. And hopefully her pictures will be posted right here tomorrow!