Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well...You Want to Hear the Good News First, or The Bad News First?

Ok, we'll get the bad news out first. The other day, I was at work when Brad went to the mailbox. As usual, he flipped through all the mail, and was pleasantly shocked to find "THE" Homeland Security Letter we have been so anxiously waiting for. He was so excited about it, and when he opened it, couldn't believe what he was reading. Instead of giving us the approval and the okay to move forward, the letter said that they didnt have 1 particular piece of information they needed for the approval. Well, we know we sent what they needed and we also know that our social worker sent what they needed. All of it was sent 8 weeks ago!!! Well, with the prompt and agressive advice from Lindsay, our social worker, we e-mailed up and back with Homeland Security, and the next day, thank the Lord, they said they did indeed have what they thought they needed. Thank goodness, but talk about stressing out!!! Whew. Anyway, we should have our approval in our hands by the beginning of next week. We'll see.


angie said...

i'll say it again...whew! i am so glad everything worked out for you guys! next time you see the envelope, you know it will be the approval :)

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad that it all worked out and your approval is on it's way!

Chris and Gretchen said...

The same thing happened to us. Lindsay had to resend something but I can't remember exactly what. Hope it comes soon! Congrats!