Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Am Fed Up!

I tell you what. For quite a while now, I have been running from MD offices to Human Resources offices, to sheriffs offices and you name it to get paperwork together for our dossier. I have looked on this as a labor of love. Never minded it, until today. I am fed up with attitude I receive from the people that I have to deal with to get this done. I did not want to do a whole lot of complaining on this blog, but this has bugged me since this AM. I am having to get police/sheriffs letters stating our backgrounds are clear, REDONE, cuz the notary that initially signed it expires in September. The clerk today takes the papers and has them filled out while I waited. I thought that was great. Then she gives me my papers, notarized, with none of "THE WORDS SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED TO ME BLAH BLAH BLAH" down there at the bottom of the page. So I asked to speak to her again. And I told her I need those words there. Well, you would have thought I was asking her to move a mountain. And she rolls her eyes up and says "Well, if they are that picky about what they want, they (the adoption agency) should provide the forms." She took them back and had them done in no time. She tossed them back at me and walked away before I could even say thank you. Then I was on my way to my MD office to pick up my notarized medical letter. I was so surprised when I got a call yesterday from this MD office when they told me the letter was ready. The nurse forgot they had a notary there. I asked her to make sure that the notary didnt expire within the next year. I also initially told the nurse that I had a notary I could bring with me in if I had to. The nurse told me the notary did not expire within the next year. Wow! That was too easy, I thought. Well, today, I go pick the letter up and check the letter and the notary expires in September!!! So I told the receptionist about it and explained why and she gives me attitude like I personally had something against THEIR notary!!! I have been going to this MD office for 20 years!! Can they not help me out here and be happy to help us out. I hate that the attitudes I get are that I am putting them out. And I am over it. Why cant a MD who I have been seeing for that many years, just do a patient 1 favor and just get a letter notarized heaven forbid maybe on a Saturday at the bank? Well, I thought that after all this venting I would feel better, but I dont. Anybody out there getting attitude too?


LISA said...

Fran,I feel for ya! I was lucky because one of the agents in our office,became a notary just for me.That was a gift from him to me.He let me drag him all over!!
The most problem I had with documents was my birth certificate.(name change when i was young)And BOY did it cause problems!

The Parsons Flock said...

I hear ya! When we went in for our letter from our doctor the doctor questioned us for almost 45 min about why we would want to adopt (we are now looking for a new doc) and when we needed the police letters we had to go in 3 times to remind them of what we needed. We even payed for it twice cause they "lost" our first check. Some people just dont understand how important all these things are. Its frustrating for sure.

Amy~ another CHI blogger

losiloni said...

I luckily did not have to do much of the whole convincing of people that we needed our documents a very specific way, but D did. He really had a hard time with a few places (maily the local police department.)
I think our main frustration, though, was with getting our home study... that took forever!

Amy said...

Unfortunately, I had the same type of experience, as did many of my families when I was a SW. I try to see the glass "half full', in that these people are in their rat-race of life and don't stop to think what you are doing this for...if they did, they might be a little kinder.
Keep your chin up, I don't think your wait will be too long. Some countries are very long, but I know first hand that waiting AT ALL is too long to get your baby!