Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Days to Court!!!!

Well, I cannot believe it is actually only 10 days to court! That means that on that Friday afternoon, we will get a phone call from CHI, our adoption agency, that Annsleigh is officially and legally ours! Of course sometimes court doesnt go through the first time around for various reasons all of which are usually worked out by the next month, or sometimes sooner. It would be another delay, but not the end of the world. In other words, just because court doesnt pass the first time around doesnt mean Annsleighs adoption is in jeopardy. It always works out sooner or later. But, I pray it goes thru the first time around. This has been the focus of my prayers, especially this last month which I might add has gone by very fast. Keep praying!


Amanda said...

Wow thats fast!! Crosssing my fingers for a easy smooth court date!! I am sure you will be in Ethiopia before we get there, so I might ask to see if you can take photos of our baby for us!!

elisa said...

Fran this is so exciting to hear! I can't wait for you to post little Annsleigh's face!