Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 Months Waiting!

I just realized we didnt even post celebrating waiting 5 months, and now it is 6 months already! That means we have been incredibly tied up with taking care of all the pups. We still have 7 of them and at 6 weeks of age, they are a handful (and a mess xs 7)! We sold Tiny Tim, the one I had to bottle feed. He has his new forever family. It really cannot be that much longer for us to get our referral. For a baby girl, I think the longest wait has been 7 months. Wish I knew if she was born yet, because I want to buy all the 2008 babys first Christmas stuff. Wont be able to buy 2008 stuff next year. And, there was another referral yesterday for a 2 month old baby boy! Lucky family!


angie said...

congrats on six months!! hopefully not too much longer until you can see annsleigh's face!!

i didn't realize you had made it to that point yet since you are behind us and we aren't six month until next week...strange?! :)

Annie said...

six months! WOW! you are close...can't wait til you get that call.