Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad News About Court....AGAIN!

It is very difficult to put into words (that are not obscene) how I feel right now. Feels like Im on the sinking titanic waving goodbye to loved ones who are going to "make it". Because of one orpnanage director (from Holy Savior....look out if thats where your child is from ) that just doesnt seem to get it, Annsleigh sits and waits. SOME MORE! This guy shows up to court AGAIN without signatures on important paperwork. Signatures that require his leg work to get done. He needs to be fired! Our agency is frustrated with this guy also, and is considering not using this orphanage anymore because of him. An in country agency staff person is literally going to take him by the hand and get these signatures done, but we dont know when. The judge did not even set another court date, just told him to GET IT DONE! and bring it to her. Sounds like she will approve it as soon as she gets it, but now we have NO DATE to plan on. I did hear from the agency today that if it does get done this week, we will still be able to get Annsleigh by the end of July. She sounded real positive in that manner. But, if not....we are looking at August. I give all the families all the respect in the world that go thru this process, and turn around after their baby is home and start it all over again for another child. I know I could not live thru something like this again. I am getting too old for all this. And remember, none of us can be on any antidepressants or nerve pills during this process, or we are deemed bad people. Guess I 'll just have to go eat a gallon of ice cream chased by a pound of raw cookie dough with a side of fries.

Monday, June 29, 2009

No News

I cannot sugar coat this message at all at this point, for all the families in the process. This blog is about our adoption journey, all the good and all the bad. Will leave out the cuss words because one day my sweet angel will read this. And I am not an impatient person. But this has been THE MOST agonizing part of the entire process. Knowing you are #1 top of the waiting for a referral list and not getting a call used to be my most agonizing part. But, at least we could some how go and do things and try to not think about it, and just feel peace that it is in Gods hands. Now, we have a little face that we have been staring at for months. Her little face in plastered all over the house and on my dash. Looking at me like" momma, where are you?" Brought to tears at this point. Its not fair to any baby/child to have to wait any longer than necessary. So, at this point, I am like, "Why God? Why couldnt our case pass last Friday? For that matter, why couldnt ours pass the first go around like so many others did? Why wasnt our case the first to be seen last Friday, before power went out, especially because we have unfinished court business from June 5? Why should Annsleigh have to wait any longer?" Im just sick of it and cannot function anymore. Today, we heard no news because our agency tried all day to get through to Ethiopia but due to power outtages there, they were unsuccessful. So, tomorrow, they say, tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is good news and not bad because I have a feeling if we do not pass court this week, we will not get to bring her home until August.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Forgot to Pray the Power Stayed On!!!

Note to self.....Dont forget to also pray the power stays on long enough in Ethiopia for them to see your case!!! ARGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Our case goes to court again on Monday to try to #1 Be seen with power on. And #2 Make sure all paperwork is in order. By the way, power outages are at least a daily event there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Court Date Tomorrow = No Sleep, No Nails Left, No Hair Left, Just 1 Frayed Nerve Sticking Straight Up

Yesterday we finished all of our immunizations with the yellow fever vaccine. Bradley went along with us. He was all concerned that his daddy was going to get hurt with the shot, but not me!?! Whats up with that? Well, I just love that little fella. I have posted before about the prayers he says every night. Every night since we started this adoption journey, he has prayed for Annsleigh so we can bring her home one day. Last night, his prayer was "....and bless Annsleigh and we hope we can bring her home real soon...cuz my parents got their shots now." Too cute! Tomorrow is our second and, God willing, final court date. Please pray that all the papers are in order tomorrow. I feel I must get more specific with my prayers at this point. Then, not to be pessimistic, but if it doesnt pass tomorrow, pray that I dont go psycho and snap!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Got An Update!

Yay! We got an update about our baby from the adoption agency. She now weighs 17 1/2 pounds and is 26" long . Thats 4 pounds up from when we got our referral call, and 2 inches taller. We are expecting pictures also maybe next week. Just in time to pass court and post pics! I have peace knowing she is thriving and growing. And also that she is rooming with several friends whose mommas I've come to know through the adoption world. All of them are about the same age and have been together f0r some time now. Its good to know there is some stability in her life at least for a time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 8 month birthday Annsleigh!

Yesterday our angel turned 8 months old. She will probably turn 9 months old too before we bring her home. Hopefully not 10 though. All of it is out of our hands, so we wait, impatiently I might add. Anyway, not much else to post here. Just counting the days, sparing you all the 10 day "countdown" again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Careful What You Pray For!

Okay, now I take back my words about time going by fast. This last week has really been slow moving for me. I guess its just because I am a little down about waiting for another court date. I dont mean to belittle those poor families who have it so much worse than us. There are many families that on their court date got a phone call that was so much worse than ours. They were all told that their babies/childrens court cases just werent seen at all and that no one knew when they would be seen. This was because their children were all abandoned in the capital city of Addis Ababa, and on that day, the judge found an agency unethically putting many babies/children through the adoption process. They were bought, sold, bribed for, etc. I cannot imagine EVER taking ANY amount of money for any of my kids. And none of us in the adoption process would ever want to receive a baby in this way. It is awful. Our adoption agency was not at fault, but because this was found, ALL abandoned cases from that city were put onhold indefinitely. Well, these poor families are going on week 4 of not knowing ANYTHING. So, 1 week for me to wait for a court date already set seems like I am wallering in self pity. I dont mean to and I dont see it as that. I just miss my baby soooooo much. Again, I asked Brad the other day how can we miss her and she has never even been here? No one would understand, unless they were in the adoption process. I felt her as mine before we ever saw her face. And I am longing for her. Its just such a strong emotion or feeling hard to describe. But it has made it IMPOSSIBLE to get her off my mind, no matter what I do. Its a sadness. Emptiness. And I remember praying for patience so many times throughout my life. Including patience with my children. Do you think when you pray for patience God waves his magic wand over you and blesses you with this amazing attribute? NOT! He puts you in situations where you have to be patient. Or you could choose not to be and be miserable. Just trying to focus on June 26. But this go around, the time is slow moving.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad News About Court

Well we got the call this morning, but it wasn't the call we wanted. We found out today that we didn't pass court. It's all about the paper work that wasn't there. They resheduled our court date for June 26th. So i guess we got three more weeks to go. Fran and I are kinda sad now was hoping to travel before the fourth of July. Hope everyone else got good news today. Prayers and love to everyone else out there. And thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Hopefully next time will be better.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a little sneek peek!

Here is a picture of our little girl's hand. Stefany snapped this picture when she visited Annsleigh for us and took some pictures for us. She said she told Annsleigh her momma, daddy and Bradley love her very much and were coming to get her very very soon. She said she had a strong strong grip and did not want to let go! I asked Stefany, "You did not wash your hand off did you?!?" To just think someone I know touched and held my baby's hand... Awesome....soon it will be us.


I cannot believe I can finally post this. TOMORROW IS OUR COURT DAY!!!!! Can you tell I am excited, yet nervous and anxious. We got more pictures of our sweet girl yesterday from 2 couples that travelled and returned home with their little ones. Thank you to the Thorntons and the Heads. They told us a little about our angel. She is sitting up now, and has a very strong grip. She wouldnt let go of Stefany's hand. They also said she has chubby cheeks and puckered up butterfly lips. I cannot wait to hold her and kiss her. She is one to not smile for the camera much. And this go around, she just looks so sad. It breaks my heart. She just needs to come home. Although, she did crack a smile only after the camera was put away, either Stefany or Sherry said. I cannot wait until she smiles for us all the time. She is also wearing the same outfit she had on 1 month ago and is still playing with the same toy. Needless to say, we are planning on taking a care package to the HOH full of infant toys. Toys that these babies in cribs can get stimulated with. Colorful toys that rattle that can be chewed on and cleaned. These last set of pictures has meant so much to me, and it has just enforced in my heart that court just has to pass tomorrow. Please please please pray for this for us tonight. And hopefully her pictures will be posted right here tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2 days to court

Here are the rest of the pics from Annsleigh's room! Her ants....
Her grasshopper....

Her bumble bees......

One of her inch worms....

One of her ladybugs...

One of her dragonflys... And....all of her butterflys....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 Days! Just 3 Days!

I thought I would finally post the final results of a group effort at finishing Annsleigh's room. I will post some today and some tomorrow. Brad painted the pink, I painted the fence and my sister in law Terri is the talented one who painted all the details. Couldnt think of any better posts I could possibly have done before we introduce you to her in just 3 days. Wow! I cannot believe it. It is finally feeling real. I have got to say that the most agonizing part of our adoption process (so far...fingers crossed) has been the wait for the referral. Now, if court doesnt pass the first time around, I may change my mind. But, since our referral phone call, time has gone by very fast. And at least we have had her pictures of her sweet face to look at and dream about. Well, at last, here is ANNSLEIGH'S GARDEN.......

Her kitty cat...

Her frog

Her bunny....

Her snail...

Bradley's finishing touch on the room...

Her turtle...

Her birdbath...

She needs more clothes!

Monday, June 1, 2009