Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To the best of my calculations, and I have been very conservative in guessing our number on the list, I think we are #1 for a baby girl 0 - 6 months old!!!!! I am so excited I really could not concentrate at work today! There were a total of 11!!!!!! referrals yesterday & today. 6 of them were girls. I know 1 of them was older than 6 months, the rest were not. We will be near a phone at all times until we get the call. She is all I can think about!!!! Oh and a very very special thanks for everyone who takes the time to check on Annsleighs blog, make the encouraging comments you do and keep me going. I could not make it without all of you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Number 4 on the list!

There have been a couple more referrals today! Finally! Both are very young infant girls. That moves us up to at least #4! (Maybe #3 if any of the infant boys referred last week effected us!) I am feeling alot more optimistic. I am expecting our call anytime the phone rings during the day now! Its becoming real now. Lets hope its in the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Waiting 32 weeks Now = 8 months!

Well, I really am starting to feel down having to post another 4 weeks have passed and still no referral. And to beat all, the adoption agency today announced that once we see her face, we now are looking at waiting 4 months or longer to bring her home. Now that puts us into June, July, August, who knows when, we travel to bring her home. Brad is unemployed now with benefits and 80% pay. That still makes us ok for adoption. He will have a new job by then, (God willing) and I am sure will not be able to just leave for a week to do this.. or, if he doesnt have these benefits or 80%pay by then, we cannot get baby at all. So.....that adds to my depression. Every night since we started this process, Bradley has prayed for Annsleigh that "We can bring her home soon." Last night, he prayed and prayed. "We HAVE to bring her home now! We have been praying and praying and how much longer?!?" And then he was so cute and kept going.."God we just have to have her home...I just cant stop praying, I just cant cuz its been too long! I just cant stop." He looked at me with big brown eyes, shaking his head and rubbing his brow, and said,"Man, I just cant stop praying..." Today, I shut the door to her finished room and dont want to open it until we get the call.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How can you miss someone you've never met?

I have not posted in a while because there just simply is no new news on the adoption. The agency was closed for the holidays and opened back up this Monday. I knew for sure that on Monday morning they would have a list of families to call with new referrals, but there were none. And then there were no new referrals all week. So, we still wait. And as Bradley said the other day "Imiss her. From that first day we went to that building to order her, I've missed her."