Monday, December 22, 2008

We are getting soooooooooooo close!

We got an e-mail from Tony at CHI (adoption agency) stating that we had an urgent matter to be taken care of "since we were sooooooooo close to getting a referral", she didnt want to have anything detain us. She said that when families start getting close to receiving a referral, they have staff in Ethiopia check all the paperwork and see to it that everything is in order. Well, they did not see that our Visa-37 cable ever got there. That means that if we were there to bring her home, she would not be able to get her visa to travel here. So, we have to start back to USCIS (immigration services) resubmitting our adoption approval (they already sent it once back in May) to the NVC(National Visa Center) so they in turn can submit everything (again) to the Ethiopian Embassy. I got an e-mail today from immigrations stating they did send it today to the visa center, so everything is getting taken care of. It just felt good to hear those words out of Tony "we were soooooooo close to a referral!" that it really sugercoated the stressful news learning the paperwork got lost somewhere! None of this delays us receiving and accepting a referral, but it needs to be done way before we travel to get her:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

28 weeks now = 7 months

We have been waiting 28 weeks now, which in my book is 7 months. (being a NICU nurse, 28 weeks is 7 months along). Last month I got some folks stirred up by declaring my 24 weeks as official 6 months. We sent our dossier in June 3. I count by weeks. Like when you are pregnant. If you just say the months like a lay person, it would seem we arent 7 months until Jan 3. But, I cannot help the way my mind works and the way when I work in the NICU, time is counted in weeks. Oh well, never mean to confuse anyone or stir up anything, but I am excited about this and cannot wait until we wont be obsessing about "now do you mean weeks/where are you in line/how many days/months/etc." In a couple of months none of this will matter. As a matter of fact, there were 8 referraks in the last 2 days!!!! We are so excited for all the families. Then, the obsessing begins with getting the referral packet and the courtdate and travel and packing. They say that this post referral wait is the worst. The agony of wait after you've seen the precious face. Cannot wait to see the precious face. In all the 8 referrals, there was only 1 baby girl, so we only move up a smidge. I guess we are #14ish maybe.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Been a little down lately. First of all, the very good thing is that there was a sibling referral yesterday for the Zubers for twin 4 year old girls. I am so happy for them .They have been waiting quite a while. And today another family got a sibling referral also. But, up til then, there has been a long dry spell again for referrals. GIRL referrals especially. We were hoping for a referral between Thanksgiving and Christmas and now that Christmas is approaching, and nothing has been going on, we are probably looking at a Feb referral, which means an April court date, which means going to get her in May!?!? Everything is just taking so long. I did find out we are #15 on the list!