Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What The @#!!^?

Trying not to cuss here. We are in the group that has to have the POA sent before our dossier can leave for Ethiopia. I am frustrated with this. I was at least hoping the rest of the dossier could go on to Ethiopia. But honestly, I am really shocked a POA wasnt required up to now anyway. Well, cannot do anything about it but get this done tomorrow!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Its On Its Way To DC!

Our dossier is officially on its way to Washington DC tomorrow AM!!! We should hear in about 2 weeks that we are officially joining the ranks on the waitiing for a referral list. I cannot believe we have come this far in a relatively quick amount of time. I just hope time keeps going fast!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Tragedy For The Steven Curtis Chapman Family

This is Steven Curtis Chapman, christian music artist, with a little girl from China. He and his family have adopted 3 girls from China. He and his family have helped many thru grants thru Shaohannah's Hope. They named it after one of their precious girls. Their youngest, Maria, 5 years old, got killed this evening in her own driveway. Her teenage brother accidently did not see her. This just makes me want to cry. Hold your children close tonight and remember, we all are just a second away from meeting our maker at any given time. Please pray for this family, especially the teenage brother who was driving. Lord, comfort this family.

This Has Been An Incredible Week So Far!

This week has been amazing for the CHI families! There have been many referrals and successful court dates. All this excitement really keeps us waiting families encouraged! Congratulations to all of you blessed families!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Paperwork Is Done!

This is what Brad & I did today wihen our last piece of paper got fed ex'd to St Louis. We paid a little extra so it will be there by Monday AM. Then, we hope to hear in about 2 weeks that we are officially waiting. Now, we can start the fun part of really working on Annsleigh's room. It feels good to have all this done and now it is all in Gods hands.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We finally got the approved I-171H in our hands today! It came in todays mail. We are excited and also relieved that this much is done. Hopefully we will have it notarized, certified and authenticated and to St Louis by Friday. Then all of it is off to Ethiopia! Yeah! If our calculations are anywhere near correct, we may bring our baby girl home at Christmas! I can think of nothing sweeter, (except maybe bringing her home sooner!)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well...You Want to Hear the Good News First, or The Bad News First?

Ok, we'll get the bad news out first. The other day, I was at work when Brad went to the mailbox. As usual, he flipped through all the mail, and was pleasantly shocked to find "THE" Homeland Security Letter we have been so anxiously waiting for. He was so excited about it, and when he opened it, couldn't believe what he was reading. Instead of giving us the approval and the okay to move forward, the letter said that they didnt have 1 particular piece of information they needed for the approval. Well, we know we sent what they needed and we also know that our social worker sent what they needed. All of it was sent 8 weeks ago!!! Well, with the prompt and agressive advice from Lindsay, our social worker, we e-mailed up and back with Homeland Security, and the next day, thank the Lord, they said they did indeed have what they thought they needed. Thank goodness, but talk about stressing out!!! Whew. Anyway, we should have our approval in our hands by the beginning of next week. We'll see.

Now, the good news, the really good news. Introducing Jaxson Trace, our new "grandson". Our step daughter blessed us with this little guy and we really enjoyed Saturday when we spent the day with him and his family. I held him for 2 hours and all he did was sleep. Then he woke up for 10 minutes when I took this picture!

One more fun thing this weekend! We found this adorable mini white wicker rocker at a flea market this weekend for only $20. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I had to have it for Annsleigh's room. We brought it home and here babydoll "Anna" is trying out Annsleigh's new chair. Isn"t it cute?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To Me! (Fran)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Okay, This is a Long One, But It Really Happened

I know you all have had one of those days where nothing goes right and you feel like a black cloud must be followoing you? And that it must be some conspiracy or something? Well, since I have no I 171 news to tell you, I'll tell you about this strange day I had. It just makes me sit back and ask "Whats up?" The first thing happened this morning. And I blame it all on the "Adoption Psychosis". I just got off the phone with Toni in St Louis and realized I could fed ex her all our dossier, minus the I 171. DUH!! If you havent gotten this far yet, learn from my doings. Just send it when all the state certifications are done, cuz that way, Roxanne in St Louis will look it all over 1 more time with a fine tooth comb. If I need to redo, or add to it, I could have it all by the time this I 171 comes. Anyway, I decided to run out real quick to the shipping store before the rain started. I got almost all the way to the store when I realized I didnt bring my debit card (thats all I pay with). So, I turned to go back home. By then it was raining pretty hard. And I was hurrying to "git er done" cuz my 5 year old was to be quietly playing while my husband rested. I pull into the driveway and push my garage door opener and got out of the truck WITH IT STILL IN DRIVE!!!!!!! I was like 'HOLY !#*#^!!!! I kept thinking I gotta catch it and jump back in!!! QUICK! I tried once and it hurt, but I just had to let it hurt. So, I jumped for it again! I got in that time just as the truck hit the trash can and house! And, amazing enough, the trash can cushioned the impact and the house was not damaged. Nor the truck. Nor me, So, anyway, I just thought when I got our dossier sent off, I just needed to stay put at home. So, thats what I did. I thought all was well then until I was getting Bradley set up for painting. There I was, doing something as simple as this. I couldnt open the caps off the paint brushes, so I opened it with my teeth! How stupid is that!?! There I was, got the cap off alright, and a mouth and face full of blue paint!!!!! There I was frantically checking, "non toxic right"? on the package, while blue paint dripped from my face. Well, that is when I got inspired to write this post. So, there is my wierd day. Anyone top that?